February 2019 ISSUE | Vol. 17

Running Adventures

Do you ever have those days where you feel like it’s such a chore to head out the door for a run? 

Most runners are dedicated to running regularly however sometimes we drag our feet and dread the miles we feel we need to do.

Part of the issue may simply be our attitude and the way we talk to ourselves about running. We may think, “I have to get a run in today” and we aren’t really feeling like it. What if we just changed the way we phrased it to, “I get to go for a run today” instead. Would that change the way we feel?

Being able to run is a privilege that a lot of us take for granted until we are injured. This is just a reminder not to take it for granted. We get to go run, we don’t have to and we choose to be runners because of all the benefits.

We may also simply be taking the whole running thing much too seriously. 

Do you worry about your pace? Do you worry about what people will think if they see you walk for a bit or even stop to take a picture? Why do we care what anyone thinks?

Runs don’t have to be all business, in fact, it’s more fun if we look at them like adventures. I don’t know about you but I always discover new things on my runs. I stop and take pictures and love to explore. Which means my pace is often slower than I think it “should” be but I’m working on being okay with that anyway.

I love adventures and I love to run so it’s time to let go of the preconceived notions of how a run “should” go. Running is like life, often times we are taking it much too seriously. So lighten up. We get to run. We get to have fun. Let’s all be grateful for that.

Injury Prevention 101: STRETCH

Running Tips from the Fit School

Flexibility is a key component to fitness, feeling youthful, and staying active throughout your life. The perfect time to stretch is anytime you have a minute or two during the day.  I prefer to stretch when I first wake up and then before going to bed.  When I do this, I feel less achy and stiff throughout the day even when I am increasing my mileage for the week. My client, Beth, prefers stretching after long bouts of sitting at work and before she heads out for her run. Consistency is the goal!

Here are 4 KEY STRETCHES that I do every day for injury prevention and flexibility. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds and then switch. You should feel a slight pull in the muscle, but no pain.

Hamstring Stretch

  • Stand about 3 feet from a chair and place the heel of one leg on the seat.
  • Keep your supporting foot pointed directly ahead, your back straight, and your hips forward.
  • Lean forward slightly until you feel your hamstring  start to stretch
  • If you place your foot on the ground with the toe slightly inward, you will feel more of a pull

Calf Stretch

  • Stand facing a wall about 3 feet away
  • Step forward with one foot and place your hands on the wall
  • Bend your forward leg and keep your back leg straight
  • Make sure the heel of your back leg remains on the floor
  • You should feel a slight pull in your calf

Quadriceps Stretch

  • Stand next to a chair or wall for support
  • Grab the ankle of one leg and pull heel toward your buttocks while keeping your knees almost touching
  • Keep your back straight and your hips forward

Iliotibial Band Stretch (IT Band)

  • Stand with one side of your body 2 to 3 feet from a wall
  • Place your inner hand against the wall
  • Cross your outer leg over your inner leg
  • Keep your hips forward and lean into the wall with your hip
  • You should feel a stretch along the outside of your inner leg

You can view how to do the stretches here:

Let’s do this!

Coach Carol Frazey
The Fit School, Inc.

The GBRC Whatcom Falls 5k has been rescheduled!

New race date: Saturday, February 23, 2019
Race start: 10:00am
Whatcom Falls Park, Bellingham
No dogs. Strollers welcome.

Pre-race registration is now closed.

Runners are still encouraged to register day of starting at 8:45 to 9:45am.

Click here for more info

GBRC 2019 Scholarships

Haggen partners with GBRC for the Annual Haggen to Haggen 5K and proceeds from the event help fund scholarships for local college bound high school students and provide shoe vouchers for low income high school athletes.

A $1000 running scholarship will be awarded by the Greater Bellingham Running Club to two qualified college bound seniors from Whatcom County High Schools. Candidates should have a current love and dedication to the sport with an intention to continue running in the future, however competing at the college level is not a requirement.

The scholarship is intended for college related expenses (ie tuition, books, room & board).
The decision will be made exclusively from the information provided in the application and the GBRC Scholarship Committee has the sole responsibility for choosing the recipients based on the core values of the club.

Completed applications must be received no later than March 31, 2019

Click here for the 2019 scholarship application

Click here for more info

Join us for GBRC’s New Weekly Trail Run!

GBRC Weekly Trail Run
Locations will vary each week
Every Monday evening
Runs start at 6:30pm

We will have Facebook updates to let members know each week’s run details.


Note: Please bring your headlamp until the days start to get longer.

Questions? Contact:
Andy Murray

GBRC Track Workouts are Back

Don’t miss out. Workouts are every Wednesday at the WWU track until further notice.

These workouts are FREE to current GBRC members. There is no limit—the MORE, the merrier!


Click here for more info

Are you a Fred Meyer Customer?

You are now able to link your rewards card to your favorite nonprofit (GBRC) by following the link below. Whenever you use your rewards card when shopping at Freddy’s, you will be helping GBRC earn a donation from Fred Myers. If you do not have a Rewards Card,you can sign up for one at the Customer Service Desk at any Fred Meyer store.

Frequently asked questions >

Re-enroll or link your Rewards Card now >

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Newsletter Submissions

Do you have a running-related story or information to share?

To submit articles for future editions of the GBRC gazette, please email:

Whatcom Falls 5K

formerly Two for the Road

Rescheduled Date: Saturday, February 23rd
Whatcom Falls Park

No dogs. Strollers welcome.

Register online here
Click here for more details

Padden Mudfest

6 Mile Trail Run

Sunday, March 3rd
Lake Padden Park

Online registration is available until about two days before the race.
Day of race registration is also available starting at 8:45am.

Register online here
Click here for more details

Honeywagon Runs

Half Marathon, 4 Mile and Kid’s Fun Run

Saturday, March 23rd
Nooksack Valley Middle School, Everson, WA

Online registration is open and remains opened until March 20th at 11:59pm.
Race-day Registration will begin at 7:30am at Nooksack Valley Middle School and closes 15 minutes before each respective event. Bib Number pick-up starts at 7:30am and continues up until the time of your event.

Register online here
Click here for more details

Ski to Sea

Full, Half, 10K, 5K, Relay

Sunday, May 26th

Ski to Sea is the original multisport relay race, from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay. Organize your team of 3-8 racers and join us on Memorial Day weekend! Teammates and spectators await finishing racers in Bellingham’s scenic Marine Park and can experience the Historic Fairhaven Festival, the all-day street party just up the hill.

Returning racers tell us their favorite parts of Ski to Sea are camaraderie and community. From organizing your team to training, racing, and trading stories at the finish line beer garden, Ski to Sea is all about teamwork. It is also about our incredible community of 1000 (yep, one thousand!) volunteers who work together to make this event unforgettable, year after year, since 1973.

Click here for more details

Bellingham Bay Marathon

Full, Half, 10K, 5K, Relay

Sunday, September 29th

GBRC Member Discount:Current GBRC members may use the code RUNBBM19 for 15% off of any of the races.

Click here for more details

James Willson

Where did you grow up? If not in Bellingham what brought you to Bellingham?
I grew up just to the south in Oregon, living at several spots in the Willamette Valley. After school, I kind of bummed around Idaho and Montana for a bit, and then at loose ends, came to Bellingham to visit my sister who was a student at Western. She got her Masters and left town, but strangely I’m still here.

How long have you lived in Bellingham?
I moved here in 1979, coming up on forty years in March…still not sure if I rate yet as a local…

When did you first start running and what influenced you to start running?
Well, shortly after I learned to walk…right? But who knows? I’ve always liked to run, but for most of my life, running has been sporadic: get going for the summer, skip a few years, sign up for some race three weeks before hand and think I’d better get out and get some miles in. I started running most regularly six or seven years ago after getting connected with local Facebook groups, mostly the Bellingham Trail Running Club. Knowing other people are out there and waiting for you pushes aside your excuses and gets you out the door. My other trick for motivation is to sign up for a serious race 6-8 months out…once you’ve signed up, it does wonders for your commitment.

People run for many reasons and those reasons change as we get older. Could you share with us your reason/reasons for running and how they may have changed from when you first started running?
When I was younger, it was more of a simple enjoyment of “how fast can I go?”. And I still have that, but it’s also that I now realize that being able to use your body in an animalistic way is a big part of being a whole and happy person. Whatever level you’re at, stretching your limits just gives you this unreplaceable satisfaction that you’re alive and out there being part of the world.

We’ve noticed you run 5ks to 100 milers. If you had to pick just one distance, which would it be and why?
As I’ve gotten older, I do prefer the longer runs…partly because I don’t seem to have much speed anymore (not that I ever did), but mostly in that it’s more of a challenge to push myself through something that’s difficult. Ultramarathons aren’t just about how fast you can run…there’s technical terrain, pacing, fueling, night running, elevation, clothing considerations, and the same run may go from below freezing to heavy rain to 90 degrees. And it’s a big plus that RDs like to find spectacular places for their events and will often lead you into amazing places you might never think to go to on your own.

Tell us how you first heard  about GBRC and how long have you been a member?
This is a bit hard to pin down. My first memory of GBRC is from the early 1980’s, coming across a race about to start in Whatcom Falls Park, I think a 2 mile and a 5 mile. I was rather poor at the time and didn’t have the $2 entry fee, but the RD Dick Henrie said not to worry about it and signed me up anyway (Dick has always been a great ambassador for the running world). All the good runners must have been in the other race, as I came in second…and it’s been downhill ever since.

Which is your favorite GBRC Event and why?
My favorite GBRC event is actually one I don’t get to participate in: the kid’s runs that are before a few of the main events. Joyous is probably the only word to describe watching a bunch of 3-9 year olds, madly sprinting, some barely moving, arms flailing, stopping to gasp and then on again, parents encouraging from the sidelines, every one of the kids expressing the essence of how to experience the simple pleasure of running far better than the rest of us.

If you could use only one word to describe your reason for being a member of GBRC, what would it be?
Ah, that would have to be “community”.

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