Click here for the 2020 Scholarship Application

Haggens partners with GBRC for the Annual Haggen to Haggen 5K and proceeds from the event help fund scholarships for local college bound high school students and provide shoe vouchers for low income high school athletes. For more information about the annual 5K race visit

Abigail Johnson, Anika Olson and Logan Franey were the top three chosen by a panel of three scholarship essay readers from the GBRC board. The 2017 essays were reviewed and the panel chose the best applicants based on the core values of GBRC.

Once selected applicants are chosen the GBRC scholarship designee at the time sends a letter to all the applicants that were not selected letting them know that although they were not chosen this time GBRC appreciates hearing about their great high school career and wishes them great success in the future.

The applicants that are chosen receive a different letter saying congratulations including a request that they contact the listed person with the student ID number assigned to them from their respective college. A check is then sent to the  financial aid office of the college they will be attending.

We have allotted the funds from the 2018 donation for the 2019 scholarships and will proceed each year using the previous years Haggen H2H 5k donation amount for the following year’s scholarships.