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GBRC Weekly Track Workouts

Track workouts will be in-person again starting February 9th, 2022!

The GBRC weekly track workout is open to all ability levels. Ages range from 13—70. These workouts are designed to be progressive—they build upon the previous workouts. In general, we start the year with slower-paced (“Tempo” runs = “comfortably hard”) runs of longer duration (up to 22 minutes continuous)…and we gradually build to shorter repeats (1-2 minutes) at higher intensity (“Mile” pace or even sub-mile pace = “hard”). We always begin with a thorough warm-up, and we always finish with a cool-down and core-strengthening exercises (“UTA’s”).
I try to learn every person’s name, and I look forward to new-comers joining our group. We have a very dedicated and supportive core group. Those who attend the Wednesday evening (6:00-7:00pm) workout regularly see the greatest gains in speed and fitness. We are a long-distance running club; we are not sprinters. Most long-distance runners tend to run the same pace, day after day. These workouts are an excellent way to practice “switching gears” and to experience the thrill of “lifting” as you increase your speed.

These workouts are FREE to current GBRC members. There is no limit—the MORE, the merrier!

Workouts are currently at the WWU track until further notice. There is free parking at the big lots across the street from the Wade King Rec Center.
Every Wednesday from 6:00–7:00pm. (We suggest arriving about 10 minutes early to warm up and be ready for the workout at 6:00pm.)
For more information or to get included on workout emails, contact Craig Bartlett:
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