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GBRC Board Members

Larry Lober
Larry LoberPresident / Membership & Volunteer Coordinator
Larry and his wife moved to Bellingham in 2002 after selling their business in Kirkland, WA. They are very happy with their decision to choose Bellingham as their retirement home.

He loves running, hiking and biking. The running bug hit him when he moved from Montana to Washington in 1986. Though he primarily enjoys running Marathons, he has also run the Chuckanut 50K.

Larry has been a GBRC member since 2009 and has been director of the Honeywagon Runs since 2012. He is a regular volunteer at both the Lake Samish Runs and the Chuckanut 50K. He looks forward to serving on the GRBC Board and working alongside the other members to continue to keep our club strong in this community.

Involvement in this wonderful community is a source of pleasure for him. Other interests include volunteering at both the Mt. Baker Theater and the Pickford Film Center. He encourages others to volunteer at GRBC events as well as at other community events as a way to give back. Giving is a good thing and it benefits everyone.

Joy Love
Joy LoveVice President / Social Media & Photographer
I am a Pacific NW native, 3rd generation born in Whatcom County. I discovered GBRC one day when I was searching for local races to participate in, when I saw the incredible value of being a member I was excited to join even though I was living in Anacortes at the time. As a Jack of all trades I love variety so I consider myself much more than a runner but running really has changed my life in a lot of fantastic ways. After I moved back to Bellingham I was recruited to be the social media person by Mark Harding who learned about my photography and writing skills via facebook. After joining the board I learned so much more about the club and agreed to be Vice President only by encouragement from Alex Gehrig (Former President). GBRC is an awesome community of people, I’m happy to be a part of it all and look forward to sharing even more by contributing as one of the co-creators of the monthly Newsletter, The GBRC Gazette.
Gale Pfueller
Gale PfuellerTreasurer
Gale has always loved to run and compete in races, be in the company of runners. and support the sport of running Three generations of his family have supported and competed for Bellinghams High School and College Track and Cross CountryTeams. So it is natural that he has been a active member of GBRC from its beginning.

Phone: 734-3953

Mark Harding
Mark HardingSecretary
After ‘retiring’ from a corporate job that took me to various places around the world I arrived in Bellingham by accident in 2012, liked it, decided to stay for a while and rediscovered my running mojo. As a result I will run with anyone and frequently compete in races from any distance from 5-50k, although the 1/2 marathon appears to be my go to distance.

Although I will run anywhere my love is trail running, my favourite local trails being Raptor ridge and anywhere on Galby. On the road I have completed Boston, London and of course the Bellingham marathon.

Wherever I travel I find a local group to run with, no better way to stay fit and make friends while at the same time putting all the worlds wrongs to right.

Alison Allen
Alison AllenEquipment/Permits
I really enjoy being a part of GBRC as a long time board member. After many years of running marathons and ultras, I now spend most of my running time on trails and in the woods near my home. I keeps track of the GBRC equipment, obtain the GBRC race permits and co-direct the Race Beneath the Sun.

Phone: 360 599-2587 or 360 961-9199

Julie Kulp
Julie KulpDesign/Website
Originally from Pennsylvania, I moved to Bellingham in 2012 with my hubby to expand our horizons on the opposite coast. A competitive runner from middle school to college, I’m always taking advantage of the amazing local trails and endless activities Bellingham has to offer. I joined GBRC when I moved here, but started getting more involved in the last year. I’ve met so many amazing people through the group and it’s really become my little home away from home.

I currently work on the GBRC website and emailers. I am also the co-race director for the Fairhaven Frosty.

Michael Brisbois aka Mic
Michael Brisbois aka MicSponsorship
Running since 8th grade – loves running, biking and swimming. Completed the Boston Marathon several times and the Great Floridian Iron Man. Born and raised in Massachusetts, college in Florida before moving to the Seattle area. Met my wife Joan in Chicago where we lived for five years and now have two young runners ages 8 daughter and 11 son.

GBRC member since 2001. Giving back to the running community and serving as board member strengthening our sponsorship with the local business community. Keeping the costs low to our members is our goal which includes having great sponsors to grow our club and provide quality races.

Curtis Anson
Curtis AnsonMarketing
Curtis is originally from a small town in central Minnesota, where he enjoyed hunting, fishing, and new adventures. After graduating from high school, Curtis served in the US Army and was primarily stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, which is where he first fell in love with running. After being honorably discharged in 2006, Curtis moved out west to Bellingham to begin his college education at WWU. Curtis easily fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and has put down his roots. Although road cycling has since taken over as his primary athletic activity, he still enjoys participating in local runs and events.
Tjalling Ypma
Tjalling YpmaAt-Large
Tjalling has been a recreational runner since his college years, graduating to endurance running when he embarked on triathlon in the 1990s. One notable streak was 11 successive Chuckanut 50k races. He enjoys long trail runs in the Chuckanuts and on Galbraith, as well as mountain and road biking and speed hikes in the Cascades. He has served on the GBRC board since around 2000, revived the Birch Bay Marathon when he took over as its Race Director for a few years, and most recently has served as Race Director for the Padden Mudfest. He is a Professor of Mathematics.
Colette McNabb
Colette McNabbAt-Large
Although I have always enjoyed running, I began running in earnest as an adult when I recognized that maintaining a base level of fitness through running helped sustain my active lifestyle which includes walking (rapidly), bicycling for transportation and recreation, mountain biking, and hiking. I have been participating in GBRC events since 2003 and joined as a member in 2009 when I was finally able to call Bellingham home year round. Volunteering at GBRC events is genuinely as enjoyable to me as entering as a runner; the club has something to offer every kind of runner and being a part of events where such a wide variety of individuals come together to participate is satisfying.
Andy Murray
Andy MurrayAt-Large
I’m a local Bellingham boy who’s been in B’ham his whole life and has a love for running and running trails. I did a few GBRC runs and found out how cool it is! Joined up and became a member a few years ago and have been joining the benefits ever since, track work outs and runs and races with great people! It’s always hard for me to volunteer at weekend races, so I thought joining the board would be a good way to do my volunteering for the club and maybe have some good input and pass on my love for running with the club.