Padden Mudfest Race Recap

Race Photos

The annual Padden Mudfest took place on Sunday March 5. The bizarre winter weather of 2016-2017 was still much in evidence, with many snow days in the preceding weeks as well as on race morning. The repeated periods of snow had been followed by days of rapid melt, so there was a lot of deep soft sticky slimy mud on the course. In other words, we had ideal conditions for the MUDFEST ! On the other hand, these were clearly not conditions for setting any course records.

Race day itself featured some brief snow squalls and a chilly breeze, although the sun popped out at times. Hand warmers were much in demand, as was the hot soup at the finish line, and few of the wet muddy runners lingered long after they were done.

Our thanks to the brave and cheerful volunteers who helped with the registration, finish line, aid station, food, and course control, and who had to cope with cold and trying circumstances:
Roger Lamb, Todd McKernan, Aiden McKernan, Dave Rodd, Terri Ulm, Twila Wiebe, Cheryl Elfstrom, Michelle Wrobble, Larry Lober, Nels Postma, Janet Rhodes, Menko Ypma

Thank you to Joy Love for taking photos of the event.

The race saw 85 finishers, of whom 50 were female – clearly the tougher sex! The race was won by Maximilian Antush in 44:48, while Amelia Bethke was not only the first woman home but also came in second overall with a time of 52:14; truly an impressive performance. Al Reimer’s third place overall in 53:36 at age 55 was another standout performance. We were also pleased to see Kathleen Harri, who with her husband Ed first established this race about 12 years ago, come in as second woman and in fourth place overall with a time of 53:49.

We used WebScorer for the online registration and finish line timing and results. This worked very well except that we have did not have a good system to readily identify category winners and distribute the race awards. We apologize for this glitch and will try to do better next year.

Again, our thanks to all those who showed up to run and / or volunteer, and who helped in othercapacities to make this race another wet and muddy success.

See you next year!

Your race directors: Zach Brown, Mica Jensen, and Tjalling Ypma