Padden Mudfest Race Recap

Trail Running

By Joy Love

The morning of the race the sun broke thru the gray skies as runners anticipated the mud bath that was to come with this magical run. However, this year was not nearly as cold nor as muddy as the previous year but the trails were as beautiful as usual. Familiar and new faces were abundant as member volunteers were busy making sure everything was ready to go as they attended to the usual day-of-race duties.

Race director Tjalling Ypma was in fine form after making sure the course was well marked and was interviewed by Leo Schumaker was also present to capture the whole Mudfest racing scene. If you haven’t seen it on facebook already you can view the 2018 Padden Mudfest video on his youtube channel, Leo’s Running and Racing.

I was there to run and take pictures so I had high hopes that my favorite mud puddle from last year was going to be in the same state of wetness. I passed the muckiest spot on the ridge thinking I would find a better place to stop and take some mud action photos only to find a totally dry trail where my puddle was supposed to be.

I hadn’t run this race for a couple years and I guess I forgot those minor (major) elevation details. I’m pretty sure some of those hills went straight to my head which put me in keep-moving-forward mode. Before I knew it I was at the finish line, pulsing with those fabulous running endorphins. It still felt like winter for sure so the post race cooling occurred rapidly and I raced for the down jacket I had stashed in my car after crossing the finish line. I don’t know about you but I’m excited that the warmth of spring is almost here.