GBRC Gazette MAY 2018 Issue

MAY 2018 ISSUE | Vol. 8

Eleven Northwest

What is It?

By Joy Love

You’ve probably seen the logo watermarked on social media posts and wondered what it was… you may have even googled ElevenNW out of curiosity and found out more information than I’m about to tell you right now.


I actually googled YAYthe other day and found it to be defined as an expression of Joy! Allow me to introduce myself, in case you don’t know me yet I am Joy Love, your very own GBRC vice-president, photographer and social media person. I am also a writer as you may have noticed from my contributions to this monthly Gazette.

If you looked up Eleven Northwest already you probably know that it’s basically me. I have a current valid business license with the city of Bellingham as a Sole Proprietor listed under that name and I designed the logo to try and make it look like a compass with 11:11 square in the center. I see that number all the time and my life path number according to numerology is 11 so I ran with it.

As a one-woman-show who loves variety I’m doing my best to do all the things I love under the umbrella of my business name. Variety is the spice of life, right? In case you don’t know I’m just going to tell you quickly all the things I love to do besides running and volunteering my time to help promote this awesome thing called GBRC.

An artist at heart I create in many different ways, painting and drawing and designing but that’s not all. I adore photography and making short movies with video too. Writing is another thing I enjoy and I have one published book so far. I’m 3rd generation from Whatcom County so I consider myself a native north-westerner.

I love to paddle, kayak, swim, sail and I am a licensed Captain. I bike, I hike, I run races and participate in triathlons in different places. I make money with my sewing machine, usually by doing custom projects for people with boats, things like sail covers, sheet bags and kayak cockpit covers. With boats everything is unique so no project is ever the same which is why I keep doing it besides the fact that it’s been a decent way to make a living. I’m also a certified (hula) hoop-love coach, ordained minister and a clairvoyant.

That pretty much sums it up. I’m quite friendly but a little shy so if you see me don’t hesitate to say hi. I figured this would be a good way to introduce myself and let you know that I also started a blog called the long haired runner in order to document my upcoming running adventures—I’m going to run in Australia in July!!! YAY!

Anyway, I do love it when people read what I write even though I’ve been kind of in hiding and remaining obscure on purpose. However I think now is a good a time as any to push past my shyness. I really just want to bring more Joy to the world even if that means sharing the truth about what I silly human I can be. I think life is supposed to be fun and I do believe that everyone deserves to feel happy and loved as well as be healthy.

New GBRC Apparel

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Volunteer Trail Work Opportunities

Help build new trails at Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve!

From 9:00am–3:30pm on select Saturdays and Sundays this summer.

Join Whatcom County Parks as we partner with community groups to build the first phase of new trail in Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve. Expect a variety of activities like clearing brush, debris and logs, digging out trail tread, and building a variety of rock and wood structures as needed.

GBRC will be sponsoring the work party on September 22—stay tuned for more info.

Registration is required: REGISTER HERE

Ski to Sea is Looking for Volunteers

Volunteers needed during Set Up (May 26th) and Race Day (May 27th)

Volunteers get lunch and a free Ski to Sea t-shirt.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the form on their website: If you are signing up with a group just make a note on your signup form and we will place you at the same station.

If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact Ashlee, Volunteer Coordinator, at (360)746-8861or

Newsletter Submissions

Do you have a running-related story or information to share?

If so please email Joy so she doesn’t have to come up with something else to write for the next gazette!

Joy would love to have someone else write the Feature Storyfor the upcoming editions.

Articles limited to 555-ish words and one photo.

Questions and Submissions can be emailed to THANK YOU!!!

20th Annual

GBRC Race Beneath the Sun
5 Mile & Kid’s Fun Run

New course for 2018!
The 5 mile course is a challenging mix of trail and road starting and finishing at the upper pavilion in Fairhaven Park.
Register Online Here >

Sat. June 9, 2018
Fairhaven Park, Bellingham, WA
Click Here for More Details >

Chuckanut Foot Race
7 Mile Trail Run

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Online Registration is now Open. Sign up today!
Click Here to Register >
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Shout Out for Certified Flaggers
The club is in need of 4 Certified Flaggers for the Chuckanut Foot Race. If any members are Certified Flaggers or know of anyone who is please contact Larry Lober at

Compensation is negotiable so please contact Larry ASAP so we can get these positions filled. THANKS!

GBRC Annual All-Members
Picnic & Prediction Run

Lake Padden Park
Padden Rotary Shelter

Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Time: 6:00pm
Run Starts at 6:15pm

Click Here for More Details >

Sunflower Trail Run
Methow Valley

By Joy Love

The Sunflower Trail Marathon, Half Marathon and 5-leg Relay took place on Saturday May 5th 2018, on the other side of the mountains in the magical Methow Valley. It just happened to take place the same day as the Haggen to Haggen 5k this year however it is a totally different kind of adventure than our lovable local Bellingham race.

I had briefly heard about the Sunflower before but hadn’t considered attending until it was brought to my attention by (your previous gbrc President) a super cool human, Alex. Being the amazing woman she is, she organized and brought together a whole group of awesome women for a weekend of camping and running amongst the wildflowers. She knew we were all going to love this and started a group email early in the year to make sure we all got in before the race sold out.

We each committed early on knowing the possibilities for travel time could be longer if Highway 20 was still closed. Unfortunately the highway wasn’t open yet so we all had to take the long way around but the weather was perfect on race day and the Sunflowers were in full bloom so it was totally worth the extra drive time. Besides it can be fun to take the scenic route and explore along the way, (l recommend Wallace falls for a side trip off Highway 2). What made it even more worth it was getting to meet so many new and rad women during the trip.

continue reading…

Vicki Griffiths

Where are you from?
I was born in Hermosa Beach CA and have lived here for 28 years by choice.

What do you love most about running?
I enjoy running because I can do it on my own or with friends and with limited “gear”, for short runs or long runs at the time I have allowed.

When did you first get into running?
Going back to school at the tender age of 40 I chose running because I don’t have the skills to enjoy group sports and running independently no one had to put up with my clumsiness.

How did you hear about GBRC?
When we first moved to Bellingham I first heard of GBRC through friends and eased myself into the club by volunteering for races.

What is your next big event?
I’m signed up for the Whistler Half in June, a marathon in August, hopefully a 24 hour in November and a 48 hour in December.

Favorite brand of running shoes?
I love the Brooks line of shoes, they feel like bedroom slippers.

Preferred race distance?
Pre-back surgery I enjoyed 50K’s but now I can’t run fast enough to finish in the time allotted so I’m comfortable when there’s a set time and I run what I can.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
My husband and I chose Bellingham for it’s lakes and bay areas and having the amenities of a college town. We have been going to the symphony for over 20 years. We can choose which trail to take from our house depending if we’re going to the grocery store, the post office, down town. The best is we’re within 10 minutes of reaching the falls in Whatcom Falls Park.

We have 5 grandchildren ranging from 28 to 18 months and yes, I’m in my 70’s.