GBRC Gazette JUNE 2018 Issue

JUNE 20018 Issue | Vol. 9

What IS Girls on the Run?

I get that question a lot. I’ll start with what Girls on the Run is NOT—a competitive running program! Confused? Stay with me.

GOTR is a safe place for girls to be their true selves. In class she may be the smarty-pants serious girl or the struggling reader, but when she comes to practice after school she gets to be her goofy, silly-old self. Some of these girls play team sports, but many have never worn a sports uniform or felt confident in P.E. class.

These 3rd to 5th grade girls, along with their volunteer coaches, come together for 10 weeks of fun life lessons that prepare them for the confusing world of middle school and beyond. Through our lessons, we remind girls that they have choices. Every day they make choices that impact their health, happiness and success. We can choose an Attitude of Gratitude instead of being a complainer. Some folks might complain that their old running shoes look dirty, but I would rather celebrate the many miles and beautiful places they have taken me—and there’s nothing more comfy than a good ol’ broken-in pair of tenny-runners!

Where does the running come in, you ask? They run alright—we trick ‘em into it with fun relay games and goal setting.

On the day we focus on inner beauty, we line up the girls on one end of the field and then holler a trait such as HONESTY. They sprint across the field to coach and “strike a pose” to show what honesty might look like (it’s really hard – try it!!) and then run back to the start line to write down someone in their lives that they admire who is honest and true. For the big run that day we plaster a poster with words that describe what makes our GOTR team beautiful – one word for every lap around the track.

Throughout the season we get to untangle our emotions, discuss what makes a good friend and practice how to break the chain of gossip, or stand up for yourself and others.

Near the end of the season we show our gratitude by creating a Community Impact Project. A few teams host bake sale that benefits a homeless shelter or other charity. A group might take a field trip to a nursing home to read books with seniors, or gather supplies for the Humane Society. Girls learn that their little selves can impact the world in amazing ways.

My very favorite day of GOTR is the Celebratory 5K run! On this day all 25-30 teams of 300+ girls come together with their families to complete a 5K run.  A couple of weeks ago at Lake Padden you may have seen the mass of matching blue t-shirts, spray-painted pony-tails and nervous faces. After many steps, bubbles, cheers and cowbells, those nervous faces transformed into flushed smiles of pride and joy! From the first to pass under the giant balloon arch to the very last, the girls efforts were cheered by their families, teammates and coaches. Everyone finished.

Every little girl who showed up on the first day, some never believing they could possibly cover three whole miles (plus one tenth!) on their very own feet, FINISHED that 5K. And they were proudly wearing their finisher’s medal.

That kind of sums up this whole GOTR gig. The girls build confidence through accomplishment. And we all have a whole lot of fun while we’re doing it.

Sharon Stone
Program Coordinator, Girls on the Run of Northwest Washington

How to Be a Faster Runner

Running Tips from the Fit School

Many people ask me how to improve their running form. When most people start a running program or want to go faster, the common thought is to stride out and push hard. The truth is, we want our body to land on top of our feet. If you watch a professional distance runner, they have a HUGE stride. But, if you look at their body when their foot hits the ground, the majority of the body’s weight is directly above their foot.

The first step is to make sure that your stride rate (spm = strides per minute) or cadence is between 160-180 spm. This means that your feet will touch the ground this many times per minute of running. The quicker you can get this spm during your faster workouts, the better for not only your speed, but also for the jarring on your body.

How to Increase Your Strides per Minute (spm):

  1. Shuffle feet along the ground for about 20 feet
  2. Continue doing this, but lift your feet slightly off the ground
  3. Focus on “Light and Quick”.  This means think that as soon as your foot hits, lift your foot up. Allow your foot to hit slightly and immediately lift it up again
  4. Think “Quick, Quick, Quick”

How to Measure your Strides per Minute (spm):

  1. Set your timer for 1 minute
  2. Get into a comfortable running pace
  3. Start your timer
  4. Count how many times your left foot hits the ground until the timer goes off
  5. Double that number and you have your spm

Good luck hitting your stride this month!

Coach Carol Frazey
The Fit School, Inc.

GBRC Teen Trail Running Back for Summer! Don’t Miss Out!

The GBRC Teen Trail Running Group will introduce teens 11-16 years old* to the sport of trail running in a fun, challenging environment. Led by volunteers, we will run on various trails for three to six miles. We will increase our mileage each week to prepare for various GBRC 5k and 10k races (Fairhaven Frosty, Lake Samish 10k, Padden Mudfest, etc). Participants are required to get themselves to the trail head as there will be no transportation provided.

*If runners under 11 years old join us we will ask that a parent run with them. Teens over 16 are welcome to join us any time.

Runners must become a GBRC member and sign a safety and liability waiver to participate.

Click Here to Join and Download Form >

For more information, contact Jen Gallant, lead volunteer at 360-303-4845 or

For questions regarding GBRC membership, contact Larry Lober, GBRC at

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You are now able to link your rewards card to your favorite nonprofit (GBRC) by following the link below. Whenever you use your rewards card when shopping at Freddy’s, you will be helping GBRC earn a donation from Fred Myers. If you do not have a Rewards Card,you can sign up for one at the Customer Service Desk at any Fred Meyer store.

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GBRC Member Discount Code for Bellingham Bay Marathon

The 12th annual Bellingham Bay Marathon will take place on Sunday, September 30. With views of Bellingham Bay, the North Cascades and San Juan Islands it is often called one of the most scenic races in the Pacific Northwest! Choose from a full marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K or (new in 2017) marathon relay for teams of 2-5 people.

All current Greater Bellingham Running Club members receive 15% off by using the code GBRC18 when registering online at:

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Chuckanut Foot Race

7 Mile Trail Run
Sat. July 7, 2018

Online Registration Closes July 4th at Midnight 
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Day of Race Entry Fee increases from $5.00 for members to $10.00 day of.
Non-member’s Entry Fee increases from $30.00 to $40.00 day of.
So save some money and get sign soon!

Chuckanut Foot Race Shirts for $20.00 are pre-order only and can only be ordered up until June 29th. at midnight. So don’t miss out. Orders yours today!

GBRC Annual
Picnic & Prediction Run

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Lake Padden Park
Padden Rotary Shelter
Time: 6:00pm
Run Starts at 6:15pm
Click Here for More Details >

Lake Padden Relay

4 Person X 2.6 mile or Individual 10.35 mile Run

Saturday, September 1, 2018
East Lake Padden Park
Bellingham, WA
Click Here for More Details >

Bellingham Bay Marathon

2018 registration is now open!

Register Online Here >

Saturday, September 30, 2018
Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K
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Race Beneath the Sun

5 Mile Run

We were so fortunate to have a beautiful day for the 20th year of the Race Beneath the Sun!

We had 16 exuberant kids in the ½ mile run with Arya Sabado leading the pack with a time of 3:26.

It was a very close race in the 5 Mile with Arlin Holder finishing first in a speedy time of 31:55. Alma McMurtry led the women’s race and an overall 3rd place finish with an outstanding time of 33.04. It was truly special to see so many long time GBRC members turn out for this event. Having Flora Young cross the finish line at 83 years of age is an inspiration that reminds us how special it is to be a part of GBRC.

A big Thank You to all the volunteers that helped out this year. This event is a success because of you.

We’d also like to recognize the following businesses that donated prizes and supported us: Fairhaven Runners & Walkers, Fidalgo Coffee Roasters, Great Harvest Bread Co, Cascade Super Series, Anthony’s Restaurants, Lovitt Restaurant, Taco Lobo, Bellingham Bar & Grill, and Oxford Suites Bellingham. Partnering with BBay Running and having the shoe recycling program collection available on race day was greatly appreciated.

Until next time: Alison Allen & Carolyn Nordtvedt, Race Directors

Race Results >

Dr. Craig Moore

Where are you from?
All over. I was born in Oakland, but lived in Japan until I was 15, did my college and medical school in California, residency in Wisconsin and raised our family in Bellingham.

What do you love most about running?
The camaraderie, the quietness, the ease of doing it and the great variety.

When did you first get into running?
Seriously, when I was in my residency, and found out I could do fairly well at various distances.

How did you hear about GBRC?
When we moved to Bellingham, we looked them up right away, and ran the Chuckanut Run in 1990.

What is your next big event?
The Lake Padden Triatholon and the Chuckanut Foot Race.

Favorite brand of running shoes?
Nike Pegasus. When I ran the WS 100 miler, I bought 19 pairs.

Preferred race distance?
When I was younger, the longer the better. So I did marathons, Ultras and 100 milers. Now, it is probably 5 or 6 yards.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
Yes. Keep on running as long as you can. And when you can’t run, walk. And if you can’t walk, then lets get a wheelchair. In other words, “Keep on moving.”