GBRC Gazette MAR 2018 Issue

MARCH 2018 ISSUE | Vol. 6 Prize Money Honeywagon Runs The Honeywagon runs are coming up and you may be wondering why you would want to do a race with a name that is associated with trucks that carry some of the stinkiest kind of waste. Just remember that often [...]

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Newsletter Submissions

Attention Story Tellers! Would you like to share a personal running related story with this fabulous community? We are looking for running related articles for our Feature Story in upcoming editions of the GBRC Gazette. Articles will be limited to 500 words and one photo. Questions and Submissions can be emailed to [...]

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Padden Mudfest Race Recap

Trail Running By Joy Love The morning of the race the sun broke thru the gray skies as runners anticipated the mud bath that was to come with this magical run. However, this year was not nearly as cold nor as muddy as the previous year but the trails were as beautiful as usual. Familiar and new [...]

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