Lake Padden Relay

Saturday, August 26, 2023 – 10 AM

2022 Final Race Results

Race Details



About the Race: The Lake Padden Relays or solo run is a wonderful way to get active with your friends and family! You may run this race solo, four times around the 2.59 mile course, or you may have a team of up to four people. You can change your team members day of race if you need, or by emailing the race directors ahead of time.Registration: Online registration opens July 1st, 2023 and online registration closes August 24th 2023 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. There is day of registration, but it is highly recommended that you register ahead of time.Itinerary – Day of Race8:00-9:40am: Day of race registration will be available if spots are still available. All runners will need to be present when picking up their bibs and they will be required to sign a waiver before the start of the race.9:45-9:50am: Pre-race briefing – this will have important information about the course including the transition areas, make sure to listen closely.10:00am: Race Starts!

Registration: Online registration opens July 1st, 2023 and online registration closes August 24th, 2023 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Registration will become available in July.

Register Online Here

Registration Costs:GBRC members:Solo: Free!Team: Free!Non-GBRC members:Solo run: $15Team: $30Please note: if anyone on the team is not a GBRC member, they must register as a non-GBRC member.Registering Day of Race Costs – Prices Increase!(Day of Race) GBRC members:Solo: Free!Team: Free!(Day of Race) Non-GBRC members:Solo run: $20Team: $40

Race Day Information

An email was sent out to all participants and team managers with day of information.  For those registering day of or who did not get the email, a copy of the email can be found by clicking here.

Course Details

The course consists of four 2.59 mile laps counter clockwise around the lake on grass and trails, starting by the picnic shelter (east entrance). Though, for the purposes of this virtual race, you can start from any point on the lake! Just be sure that you complete four total laps around Lake Padden. The course is mainly flat and over half wooded, with one brief steep upgrade and three rolling hills all in the woods on the southwest side of the lake. You can find more info on Lake Padden Park here. The course for this event follows the Primary Trail loop (minus Padden Gorge) as detailed on this map [PDF].

Course Map


East Lake Padden Park is approximately three miles southeast of Bellingham. Take I-5 exit 246 for the northbound traffic or 252 for the southbound arrivals.

Team Logistics

Team Name: As long as we can print it you can use it. Be inventive!

2-3 Person Teams: Any team who wants to compete with two or three members are welcome to split the four loops among the team members. All teams will be placed in the same division as the four person teams.

Attire: Dress up! Be creative! Please be aware this is a family friendly event but we encourage participants to have fun while the run!

Selecting Age Group Category: select your category by your average age of group members. E.g. ages: 35,40,30,46 together equal 151 divided by 4 = 37.75. This team would be in the 30-39 age group.


  • Please STAY HOME if you have had any of the following in the 2 weeks leading up to the
    ○ Any flu like symptoms
    ○ Tested positive for COVID-19 or awaiting a test
    ○ Been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

Awards: Ribbons are awarded three places deep in each division

Contact Info

Sabrina Houck, GBRC President and Race Director- Sabrina.Houck@GBRC.Net

Tim Schaffermeyer, GBRC Vice President and Registration Coordinator- Tim@GBRC.Net

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